PopRock Editor

Over  200 playlists to choose from. Over 100 Anthologies.

AppleMac Solutions

37 Years of mac experience. Ask me for advice đź™‚

Apparel Design

Stickers, poters, T-shirts, caps…. You name it : over200 quality customizable items !

3D  Models

Hundreds of models in the Olie style. Download them for free.

Website Design

WordPress and Colibri are powerful tools. Ask us…

Object Desgn

We work with the best. Steel, Wood, Synthetic… Ask us for the impossible : we’ll MAKE it !

High Quality

Quality is our first concern. Who would want a crappy result ? Time plays no role : we’ll work until YOU are satisfied. We use state-of-the-art equipment and software. Might as well exploit capacities and “get a result mate!”


Ordem y Progresso : we worked sorted and neat as a pin. No room for rubbish. Our tools are precious, so is our work. Quality, Order, Origin&lty, Unicit : four funderlying statemnjents of blue Funk 🙂


Who wants a boring look like that guy nextdoor ? Might as well go for sumptin’ out of the lines. We offer each customer an ORIGINAL DESIGN, wether it’s a logo, a website or a motorbike. Yes we also design motorcyclses. Click icon 🙂


You are unique, and son is your design. Now if you want a bold look or an awesome thing, we shall produce an UNIQUE design. That is our spirit, and we’re proud to serve unique customers an unique result.

Need something designed?